About Sunset Skateboard Company



Sunset Skateboard Company was founded by long-time friends and California natives Jeremy Fissell & Scott Winn. Jeremy and Scott met while attending college in San Luis Obispo, CA in the early 90's and quickly discovered they shared a mutual love for all things skateboarding. Having both grown up in the late 70's early 80's (Jeremy in Northern California and Scott in Southern California), the guys would often reminisce about their days spent bombing the streets on their old school boards, boom boxes in hand... Ah, the good ol' days... Well, a lot of time has passed since then, but the guys' love for skateboarding has never waned. Now both married fathers, each with two young boys, Jeremy and Scott reunited when Scott remembered how much fun they had "that one time in college" when Jeremy built a clear, plastic skateboard deck using some polycarbonate material. Coincidentally, Jeremy has spent the last 20 years as a successful entrepreneur & product designer in the plastics & glow novelty world, while Scott has worked as a professional in the sales world, helping provide solutions for Physicians nationwide. The makings of a perfect team were in place, and an idea was formed... They could start a new company: Sunset Skateboard Co.


Jeremy began designing and developing a full line of clear, polycarbonate decks in multiple colors while Scott began rallying funding and brainstorming the marketing machine. Jeremy's years of experience in the glow novelty world quickly paid off with a breakthrough addition to these new, clear boards: Original Flare LED Wheels! These motion-powered, multi-colored, light-up wheels added a whole new level of 24-7 cool to their already-stellar decks. Things were really beginning to take shape, but something was still missing... What the guys really wanted to bring to the table was that same sense of freedom and expression they had in their youth, cruising down the block on their own, custom, pieced-together boards... So, after some more brainstorming, the Sunset Board Builder was created! Now customers could go to the Sunset website and easily pick and choose any color deck and any color wheel they wanted - in any pattern imaginable. Customization and freedom of expression. It was the final piece of the puzzle. Sunset Skateboard Co. was now ready for the world.



Jeremy and Scott have had a blast developing Sunset Skateboard Company and are excited about the many new products yet to come. They both hope to pass along their love for skateboarding to a whole new generation of kids... who can now "bomb the streets" with their Sunset boards and Flare LED wheels, iPod in hand... It seems that while a lot of things in life change, some things will always remain the same.